Welcome to Korea.

Everyday Help is an over the phone concierge service using your phone that allows you to enjoy traveling without having to hire a stranger to travel with you in person.

‘Everyday Help’ can be your best friend who helps you enjoy Korea with tasks like booking, delivery and translation.
Call or mail for more information.

– TEL : 070-7635-2401
– E-mail : everydayhelp10@gmail.com

  • Booking fee will be 10% of the payment (minimum cost: 10,000KRW)
  • The concierge fee will be 1500KRW per call


City trip

City Center Tour Course (6H)

Traditional Markets2, Museum2, Historical sites, Downtown, Department Store

City Center Shopping Course (6H)

Traditional markets, Downtown, Department stores, Tax Free Stores.

Night Culture Recommendation (6H)

Night Culture Recommendation : 7 famous restaurants,  bars and cafes

Recommended Exhibitions and venues (6H)

Museum, Movie theatre, Drama theatre, Music performances

Challenger Course (12H)

Trying Korea's unique foods and culture activities!

Activities and Hiking Recommendations (6H)

Water sports, paragliding, mountain biking etc.